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Gregorio Avanzini

Gregorio is a Fulbright Scholar, a spiritual activator, a transformational coach, and the founder of the Breath of One. He explored 67 countries, and attended over 50 retreats, often teaching, always learning. He spoke on stages all around the world, bringing the Breath of One to over 6,500 people. After receiving his Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan, where he also assisted in teaching, he paused his academic career to follow his heart and embrace a new life. Trusting his intuition, he took a leap of faith and created the life of his wildest dreams.

Andrea Ochoa Avanzini

Andrea’s unique creative essence has been cultivated since childhood. Today, this is reflected in her work as a wellness and self-love coach, meditation teacher, and creative branding consultant. Her life purpose is to support people to embody their best self through wellbeing and self-love to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. After 10 years of working as a Global Product Manager in the beauty industry for brands like L'oreal, Calvin Klein, and Victoria's Secret her desires, lifestyle, and values began to change.


Andrea and Gregorio got married 8 months after their first kiss. One of the ways they express their love is to share their purpose of supporting others with breathwork and life coaching.

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With excitement to grow he lived on the edge, and sometimes jumped off of it! Some experiences where he pushed his limits, are 45 days of fasting, 11 days in a pitch-black dark room, alone, and running a marathon with 0 training (and brand new shoes) which have allowed him to gather a wide knowledge of practices for furthering his evolution.
He learned from several 1-on-1 conversations with some of the best teachers in the world, such as Don Miguel Ruiz, Richard Branson, Neale Donald Walsch, Wim Hof, shamans, top Founders and CEOs, tribe elders, sports champions, community founders/directors, and countless more. Inspired by what was possible to transform his life, he spent time in the Amazon Forest, in the Himalayas, in many deserts and other spiritual places. He also attended many full-immersion programs such as Vipassana, the Hoffman Process, Landmark Advanced, Avalon, Marina Abramovic’s 4-days immersion, Feeling Clarity, and Light Leadership Retreat.
He continues his journey of self-discovery because he believes in going beyond limits and in following our hearts and highest excitement to live a joyful and fulfilling life. For the last 13 years, he has been traveling the world, on a full-time expedition to get a deeper understanding of himself, other people, communities, the planet, and life in general. In 2014, he had one of the most profound experiences of his life, when he discovered the power of the breath. Since that day, he became highly passionate about sharing breathwork practices with others to further support people in changing their lives. He learned different breathing modalities from many teachers and then created the Breath of One, a transcendental breathing practice that some people have defined as the most powerful moment of their lives.
Today, thousands of people, all over the world, have experienced this powerful practice of unity and transformation through the breath. Some of these people are Don Jose Ruiz (co-author of ‘The Fifth Agreement’), Mike Krieger (co-founder of Instagram), Naval Ravikant (VC and founder of AngelList), Michael Beckwith (founder of Agape Spiritual Center), Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley, best-selling author), Maya Rogers (CEO of Tetris), Tom Chi (former head of innovation at Google), Mario Almondo (CEO of Brembo, former CEO of Ferrari), David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe (best-selling author of ‘The Beauty Diet’), Emily Fletcher (founder of Ziva Meditation), Marissa Peer (world-renowned hypnotherapist), David Block (musician, The Human Experience and Gone Gone Beyond), Danette May (fitness celebrity), and many more.
He continues to evolve through learning with firsthand experiences and is passionate about sharing his findings to support others in following their hearts and championing their lives. As a spiritual activator, he spreads his practices and messages with thousands of people, guiding and/or coaching game-changers like Evan Williams (co-founder of Twitter), Naval Ravikant (VC and founder of AngelList) Reggie Williams (former NBA player), Jeffrey Perlman (CSO of MindValley, former CFO of Zumba, now ), Christopher deCharms (Ph.D., neuroscientists, TED speaker), Mark Lawrence, (founder and CEO of SpotHero) and many more. He is deeply grateful to do this powerful work along with his beloved wife Andrea. They combine their unique gifts to help people in igniting their
inner wisdom.
However, for Gregorio, things were not always as bright and beautiful as they are now. Before aligning to his passions and purpose, he lived an ego-driven, emotionally volatile, reckless, and materialistic life. He was a very troubled adolescent with countless extreme life experiences which peaked at the age of 17, as a rage against the most tragic moment
of his life
That day of 2003, his mom Anna, woke him up screaming at the top of her lungs. As he ran to the living room he saw the most horrific scene he could have ever imagined. Fabio, his beloved stepfather, who he met at 4 and called ‘dad’, was having a massive heart attack. His body was violently convulsing with seizures, his eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and he was heavily foaming from his mouth.
The sound of Fabio fighting for his life was an excruciatingly high-pitched noise that resembled a machine on the verge of exploding. Gregorio, following his mom’s direction, immediately called the ambulance and then tried to give Fabio CPR. Anna, as a doctor, knew that many people experiencing a heart attack die by choking themselves with their tongues. So in the meantime, she tried everything she could to open Fabio’s mouth, hoping to be able to reach his tongue and help him to breathe. However, Fabio’s involuntary bite perforated her fingers. Gregorio saw his mom crying and screaming even louder with her hand with blood. The ambulance arrived and tried to resuscitate Fabio by giving him electroshock but there was nothing they could do. His beloved Fabio, at the age of 50, was pronounced dead. This was the most horrific, painful, and traumatic scene he had ever witnessed.
Gregorio cried endlessly for about 3 weeks until he couldn’t cry anymore, and after that, only cried twice in the following 10 years. He suffered from PTSD, which erased all memories of Fabio to cope with the pain. The trauma was so deep, that he couldn’t even process hearing Fabio’s name being mentioned because it would cause him to get vivid flashbacks of that horrific moment. For this reason, he withheld his intense sadness and grief from everyone (including his closest friends), never sharing anything about his experience
for many years.
His trauma and deep sadness turned into raging anger with the conviction that there was no meaning to life. He developed a belief that life was not fair, and became hyper-destructive. His behavior from that day was driven by his confusion on how death could happen so early, to one of the most loving, kind, and generous people in the world that always set a positive example for those around him. He didn’t understand why a man who embodied love, lived a balanced and healthy lifestyle, (didn’t smoke or drink, ate well, exercised regularly), and never had any heart conditions, died in such a horrific way, leaving him and his mom destroyed. Gregorio felt that it wasn’t fair for him and his mom to witness such a tragic moment and that Fabio didn’t deserve to die in that way. He started thinking that if God existed, he had to be evil. He felt no reason to follow the rules, and choose to live a life that pushed all
limits to the maximum
His reaction was, for many years, an uncontrollable need to escape from reality. Constantly in fight or flight mode, he started excessively abusing alcohol and drugs, blacking out nearly every weekend, driving recklessly (crashing many times), physically fighting with people, and having no respect for authority and for anyone who was not his friend. If you were not his friend, you were his enemy. These behaviors brought him to go in and out of countless hospitals, tribunals, and police stations, and walked the line of death about 10 times. In some of these crazy experiences, doctors and others defined his survival as a miracle. During those years, he hit rock bottom and had no hope for his future or life. This was his way of living for the following 4 years. Then, in 2008 a miracle drastically changed his perspective of life.
It was at that moment that he began walking a new path, remembering that our life is a masterpiece and that we are the creators of whatever we choose to live, consciously or subconsciously. For the full story watch the video below.
Thanks to his growth, Gregorio no longer sees Fabio’s death as the most horrific curse he has ever received, but as a unique gift that allowed him to go through the depth of pain and rage, making him who became today. Through his first-hand experiences, he has learned many life lessons and is passionate about sharing these messages. Inspired to support others, he teaches breathwork and meditation, speaks on stages, shares transformative practices, and coaches people on how they can envision, design, and transform to live their wildest dreams, even if they are currently living in darkness. He hopes to empower as many people as possible to ignite their personal evolution for a beautiful collective future together!
She felt that there was something more meaningful to pursue in life and she spent three years in self-discovery which ultimately changed the direction of her life. During her free time, she was doing all the things that lit her soul on fire. Her passion for wellness, which lay dormant for so many years, was re-ignited. Since 10 years old, she has been fascinated by cooking, nutrition, wellness, and helping others. In fact, while studying pre-med her favorite subject was nutrition. As she shed layers of past behaviors, she reconnected to her true self and her path became clear. She then left corporate to pursue a fulfilling life of purpose.
After a few years of unlearning limiting beliefs, she stepped back into her power. Having had these experiences first hand, combined with her passion to help others in finding their own recipe for life, their journey of self-discovery, lead her to the logical path to becoming a life coach and meditation teacher.
She embarked on a journey, traveling around the world and teaching Breathwork full time, and committed even more to her self-growth. Fueled by curiosity and courage, she dove deeper into understanding her shadows. Transformational experiences like the Hoffman Process, Marina Abramovic’s 4-days immersion, Feeling Clarity, and Light Leadership Retreat, were pivotal in learning the tools and opening her heart. Excited to always learn more and evolve further, she continues on the journey by going out of her comfort zone to keep expanding.
The biggest pain points of her life were related to self-love, her body, and her relationship with food. After having mild anorexia at 14 which led to 12 years of binge-eating and an addiction to diet pills she has now overcome this destructive behavior and has healed her relationship with herself, food, and her body. With her knowledge of wellness, meditation, and fitness, as a former soccer player since 5 and cross country runner, she is passionate about coaching others to establish harmony with food, movement, and mindfulness.
With her 10 years of experience in launching products, she supports conscious brands and entrepreneurs in creative brand consulting. Consumerism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, therefore it’s important to work towards conscious consumerism with brands that share positive messages respecting people and the planet.
With this vision, she combines her purpose of coaching, meditation, brand building with her passions of fitness, healthy cooking, djing, ceramics, and photography to innovate the personal development and wellness space turning wellbeing into an approachable and fun lifestyle for people and companies.


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