Master the
art of living

one breath
at a time.

Breathwork to
integrate your wisdom
and amplify your life.

Are you struggling to implement your learnings?

Do you find yourself falling back into old patterns?

Are you looking for accessible meditations?

A new era of self-development will
breathe life into your journey with our

fun meditation approach.

Supercharge your self-growth with

breathe your freedom

by bridging the gap between theory and practice,
for lasting change.

A taste of what you’ll get

Benefits of

breathe your freedom


Conscious breathing activates the vagus nerve to signal the parasympathetic nervous system to lower heart rate, cortisol, and blood pressure, bringing the body to a state of peace. Learn to respond to challenges with more confidence.


By training the body’s autonomic response to stress you boost your immune system and drastically improve your health by reducing stress and becoming resilient. You ignite joy by increasing endorphins (feel-good hormones) and lower stress hormones.


Making yourself a priority to breathe creates clarity and inspires self-discovery. Through this inner connection within yourself you can approach relationships with more love, openness, and gratitude for meaningful connections.


Using the breath, you'll find the sweet spot of noradrenaline to reduce brain fog for mental clarity to make life decisions with confidence and increased focus and productivity.

Freedom, Peace, Joy, Clarity, Health

is just a few breaths away


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Self-paced for today’s busy lifestyle.


Join hundreds around the world
who have used the superpower
of breathwork to upgrade their lives.

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Our Clients

What is the

fun meditation approach?

Think of our breathwork as the cool cousin of regular meditation. 
We are spicing up your practice with unexpected music from
world-class artists so that it’s less “blah” and more “ahhh.”

Instead of feeling like a chore,

breathe your freedom

is the program you’ll actually look forward to!


Be Svendsen 

The Human Experience 

David Hohme 

Francesca Lombardo 

Random Rab 

Gone Gone Beyond 

Eduardo Castillo 

And many more…

Still have questions?

This program is for any wonderful human who wants to upgrade their life, whether you’re new to meditation or an experienced practitioner. 

To beginners:

To help you get started with meditation, we offer tips and tricks that will jumpstart your breath-led journey to unlocking your potential.

To seekers with experience:

We can help deepen your practice and increase the benefits you get from breathwork. We’ll introduce new techniques that keep breathwork fresh and fun—so that it’s easy for you to do every day! We want to help you stay on track to accomplish goals that are important to you!

It depends on the person, but most people begin feeling the benefits of our breathwork techniques right away!

The Breathe Your Freedom program was designed as a way to make meditation easier for seekers who might otherwise be inclined to give up. We know that sometimes people plateau in their practice, and we want them to feel encouraged rather than discouraged. That’s why we designed this program in a way that makes meditation fun again so you can get back on track to reaching your potential and accomplishing your goals.

The Breathe Your Freedom Program is self-paced, so you can take as much time as you need to unlock your full potential. No matter how long it takes, do it on your own terms!

Breathwork can help you clear your mind of the daily clutter, so that your decisions and actions are better able to serve your goals. It can also help support your immune system, decrease feelings of anxiety or depression, increase energy levels, and help you manage pain.

Your Coaches

Hi, we’re Andrea and Gregorio, founders of Breathe Your Freedom.
We are passionate about helping people become their best selves.

Before we discovered the power of breathwork life was very different.

In 2014, Gregorio had a life-changing breathwork journey, where he
experienced full oneness. It was love at first breath! He paused his career as an
architect to pursue his life purpose of supporting others to connect to their hearts, one breath at a time.

In 2018, Andrea was still struggling to take the leap and leave her 10-year corporate
career at Calvin Klein and L’Oreal. After the Breath of One, she ignited 
her inner power to be of service to the world.

We quickly realized, breathwork is one of the most
accessible superpowers we have.
Our job is to help you ignite that
power to become the hero of your life.

A fun fact about us: We got married eight months after our first kiss.

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